Ninja Theory’s VR Shooter DEXED Launches on PlayStation VR on February 1st

Ninja Theory’s VR Shooter DEXED Launches on PlayStation VR on February 1st

Today, developer Ninja Theory — the team behind the upcoming Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice — announced that its VR shooter Dexed is set to arrive on PlayStation VR — with PlayStation Move support — on February 1st at the price point of $9.99 USD. At the moment the game has only been confirmed for release in North America. Additionally, Dexed is also currently available on Oculus Rift as well.

According to Ninja Theory, Dexed is an on-rails VR shooter inspired by games like Panzer Dragoon, where you wield dual blasters of fire and ice, and take down enemies whilst journeying through “elegant and vibrant worlds.” Your fire blaster can only damage ice enemies, and your ice blaster can only damage fire enemies, which makes “this game a true test of your dexterity. You can also tag multiple enemies to perform skillful combos, which will increase your score multiplier.

The game also boasts an endless Arcade mode, where you will be bombarded by multiple enemies in an arena. In this mode it will be vital to keep your shields up in order to protect your health bar. You will also need to keep an eye out for dangerous detonating enemies. According to Ninja Theory, only the “truly dexterous” will emerge champions of this mode and local leaderboard.

Then there is also the Zen mode, which allows you to explore the lush and colorful environments of the game at your leisure. This mode, of course, is free of enemies.

Nina Theory writes the following over on the PlayStation Blog about Dexed:

Dexed encompasses what we love most in video games and what we strive to accomplish in our own games, namely a unique art vision combined with ninja-class gameplay.

Below, you can check out the new gameplay trailer Ninja Theory released today: