Ninjala Players Get In-Game Gift To Celebrate 4 Million Downloads

Ninjala Players Get In-Game Gift To Celebrate 4 Million Downloads

Ninjala recently hit four million downloads. To celebrate, Gung Ho Entertainment is giving out 100 Jala, Ninjala's in-game currency akin to V-Bucks.

Gung Ho Entertainment’s free-to-play Switch exclusive multiplayer game recently hit four million downloads from the Nintendo eShop. To celebrate, Gung Ho is giving out 100 Jala, Ninjala‘s in-game currency akin to V-Bucks.

When the game was originally revealed, many fans thought the game bore a striking resemblance to another successful Switch game; Splatoon 2Ninjala featured similarly cartoonish-looking visuals and third-person combat, but with enough differences to differentiate itself from Splatoon, like melee-based combat and different mobility options. Players in Ninjala play as ninja that have received their powers from a special kind of gum that also allows them to use special bubble gum weapons in a variety of different multiplayer game modes.


While 100 Jala might sound like a good deal to the uninitiated, you can actually get about 100 Jala for the equivalent of one dollar. The in-game currency also comes part and parcel with a Fortnite-style Ninjala Premium Pass, which costs 950 Jala. Coincidentally, you can buy 1,000 Jala for $9.99 in the in-game shop.

Originally released in June of this year, Ninjala released to moderate praise and a relatively positive reception from fans. Nintendo ended most support for Splatoon 2 months ago, so fans were likely looking for another well-supported multiplayer game. Nintendo fans have also been looking for worthwhile exclusives since Nintendo’s output has been incredibly lackluster this year.

So far, Ninjala is proving to be a relatively large release in Nintendo’s frustratingly mysterious lineup for 2020. While games like Ninjala continue to keep the Switch afloat alongside ports of games like Pikmin 3 and various indie games, fans are desperate for Nintendo to announce a new Switch game on the caliber of the other significant fall games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. While rumors of a 3D Mario collection and other blockbuster Nintendo games continue to persist, Nintendo has yet to give them any credence.