Ninjala Adds Sonic The Hedgehog Costumes And They Aren't Cheap

Purchasing the three costumes will set players back somewhere close to $50.

September 25, 2020

Ninjala has been out for around three months now and has already tasted success. The game, which has been compared to Splatoon thanks to its art-style and gameplay, hit four million players within its first couple of months. This led to the game’s developers, GungHo, confirming that for season two, there would be a very special crossover. The crossover, which is the game’s first, would feature items from Sonic the Hedgehog and cosmetics of him and his pals.

This crossover event is now live until October 21 and has added costumes of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles alongside some Sonic-themed IPPON Decorations, stickers and more. While the cosmetic items don’t look too bad, it’s the price points of them that are more eye-catching.


Each of the costumes will set players a whopping 2000 Jala. That leaves each of the costumes costing an extortionate £16 or around $20. If you’re savvy with your Jala purchasing, you could get all three of the cosmetics for a total of £40 or just over $50. That’s a lot of money all things considered. Players can earn Jala through the Ninjala Pass however, but that still doesn’t excuse the insanely high prices.

Season two of Ninjala is well underway now, launching on August 26. The season added a new weapon class with four additional weapons alongside new Gum Ninjitsu, abilities and special moves. Alongside those, the game added two new “Board-type” weapons amongst other things.

The second season of the game is themed around a range of sports and adds a host of new athletic costumes that can be purchased from the item shop, or achieved through the Ninjala Pass. The game also added a new Japanese inspired stage, Shinobi City, complete with cherry blossom trees, castles and a game store.

Ninjala is available now and free to download on the Nintendo Switch.

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