Nintendo 3DS Delayed, Jimmy Fallon Show Fudges Details

By Taran Brar

June 28, 2010

Bad news to anyone who thought that they were getting a 3DS this holiday season. The hand held system’s release date for North America has been bumped back to sometime before the end of March 2011.

This was announced on Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime. He appeared to show off what Nintendo had been up to recently, including the release information on the 3DS and Donkey Kong Country Returns. After demoing part of a level of the new Donkey Kong Country Returns, Fils-Aime pulled out a 3DS complete with a demo or some stage of the new Kid Icarus game.

While the release date has been bumped back, fear not fans! March is not that much further down the line and maybe, just maybe, the wait will make the final product that much sweeter.

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Taran Brar

Taran is a Computer Science Enginnering Student at The Ohio State University. He played his first video game on the SNES but did not own a console until he got an N64. Favorite Games: World of Warcraft, .Hack series and Dynasty Warriors 2

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