Nintendo 3DS News Recap

Early this morning, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata gave an online presentation detailing new software and game updates for the Nintendo 3DS. While there was no mention of that fugly Expansion Slide Pad, there was a lot of Mario Kart 7 and Mii Plaza talk.

Mario Kart 7 boasts the same ability to race other players via the Internet and allows you to race up to seven time trail ghosts at one time. Japanese owners will also see a smattering of new titles in the next two months, including a fighting game that smacks of Zelda mechanics called Sakurai Zamurai and fashionista game Fab Style. You can check out our liveblog translation of the presentation here.

Right on Iwata’s heels, Nintendo of America’s beloved COO Reggie Fils-Aime released his own video explaining all the goodies Western 3DS owners will be seeing.

These updates include the new Mario Kart channel, a Hulu Plus channel for Wii and 3Ds (which will run you $8 a month), an end-of-November system update that will add 3D video recording and stop-motion animation capability to the system (both capped at 10 minutes), and new puzzles and games for Mii Plaza. Just in time for Halloween, the Regginator also announced that 3DS owners will also be able to buy a 3DS-exclusive 3D music video of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller performed by the characters from Shrek. Random? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.

The Nintendo eShop is also getting four new downloadable games: Freakyforms, Pushmo (a puzzle game), Dillon’s Rolling Western (a Sonic knockoff starring an armadillo in a Stetson), and Swapnote (a program that allows you to draw pictures, similar to Paint). Reggie also reiterated Iwata’s previous statements on the next “groundbreaking” installment in the Mario Kart series, and ended the presentation with the promise of a Legend of Zelda concert tour in 2012.


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