Nintendo Will Continue To Push The 3DS and Wants More Than One Switch Per Family

Nintendo Will Continue To Push The 3DS and Wants More Than One Switch Per Family

Despite the drop in sales over the last few years, Nintendo will continue to keep the 3DS as a part of their console offerings.

Now that the Switch has reached over 32 million units sold, Nintendo has been wanting to push families into purchasing more than one per household. However, they still are not forgetting the 3DS stated Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa during a recent Q&A session following the company’s earnings report.

As noted by Variety, he was asked a question revolving around the declining sales of the 3DS and their sales objectives for the portable console while it and the Switch continue to coexist on the market together. Furukawa, of course, acknowledged that the Switch is the primary unit right now driving sales and they are pushing for more than one per household. However, they do believe that the 3DS still serves an important purpose for the company despite the continued dip in sales numbers.

Nintendo is planning to keep the 3DS on the market and part of their console offerings because Furukawa believes that it still fills a necessary role in the market such as being a great first game system for children because of the accessibility and low price point. Compared to the bulkier and more expensive Nintendo Switch, the 3DS is looked more as a dedicated handheld rather than a family console.

Nintendo conducted a survey and found that while a “certain number of households have multiple family members who play on a single console, some households have already purchased multiple consoles.”

Nintendo’s President Made it clear that the company will be trying to push for this to be more common from here on. Furukawa stated:

“Going forward, we aim to generate such demand among consumers as they feel like ‘I want to have my own  Nintendo Switch console’ through measures such as software offerings. Not necessarily so that each person will have one, but so that each household will have multiple Nintendo Switch consoles.”

Even though the sales numbers for the Switch were incredible, they still didn’t meet their lofty 20 million units sold sales mark they had previously put in place and dropped the number down to a more reasonable 17 million. With that in mind, the console is selling like hotcakes and I would not be surprised that many people would want more than one per household.

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