Nintendo 3DS Warns Potential Issues With Kids and 3D

By Joel Taveras

December 28, 2010

If you’re one of those people who just happen to get a little nauseous when watching 3DTV, the glasses free experience on the 3DS may not be any different. And if you have children you may not want them to even use the 3D effect if they’re under the age of 6 according to a statement made by Nintendo Japan. Recommended use of any handheld Nintendo makes is usually 1 hour intervals of play with breaks in between (and that’s with 2D) but according to Nintendo, 3D games will make the eye fatigue quicker than traditional 2D software.

Nintendo also warns, “If your physical condition worsens or you become ill, please stop playing at once,” because everyone is affected by 3D content differently.

Fortunately for everyone the 3DS does have a 3D slider which allows for adjusting the intensity of the 3D effect. According to Nintendo, young children at or below the age of 6 shouldn’t use the 3D feature at all, as there may be long term affects  since their vision is still in its developmental stages. Children wont have to worry about adjusting any sliders, as the 3D feature can simply be turned off and the games played in 2D. Nintendo is so adamant about some of the concerns surrounding 3D that they will include 3D parental controls as well.

[ ニンテンドー3DSを体験される方へ Nintento] via [Kotaku]

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