Nintendo Accounts Will Be Locked to Switch User Profiles After Next Update

After the upcoming software update for Nintendo Switch, which will feature the new online service, users will be unable to unlink their Nintendo Account.

on September 13, 2018 12:43 PM

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service upon us, Nintendo is making some changes to its console’s online infrastructure. The company sent an email out to Switch owners that after the next software update, coming September 18, they will be unable to unlink their Nintendo Account from their Switch user profile.

This is Nintendo’s way of safeguarding their online service, which will have cloud saves linked to users’ Nintendo Accounts. Keep in mind, however, that not all Switch games will support cloud saves, particularly popular online games like Nintendo’s own Splatoon 2. Nintendo is looking to prevent cheating methods and exploitation as much as possible.

Nintendo is allowing users to unlink their Nintendo Account with their user profile until the Nintendo Switch Online service launch—Nintendo’s support website states that users will have until Tuesday, September 18, 5:00 pm Pacific Time to do so.

The next Nintendo Direct will be tonight, Thursday, September 13 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. Expect more details on Nintendo Switch Online and some looks at several upcoming Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles.


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