Nintendo Addresses Widespread Joy-Con Drift Issues

Nintendo has weighed in on the widespread Joy-Con drift issues that have been plaguing Switch owners.

July 23, 2019

In case you haven’t somehow heard already, Nintendo Switch owners have been dealing with a pretty nasty issue called Joy-Con drift. Drift occurs when sticks on a controller detect movement and cause character or camera movement without players touching anything. Some of them have been dealing with it for months.

It might have taken its sweet time, but Nintendo has come out on the issue with a recommended fix. A representative spoke with Kotaku, saying “At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we are continuously making improvements to them. We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we always encourage them to visit so we can help.”

There you have it–if you’ve been battling with Joy-Con drift, go to the support page.

Some of you might not find that solution satisfactory. In that case, create a help desk ticket. There you can enter in some info to start the process of getting your Joy-Con repaired.

The problem with sending in your Joy-Con for repairs is that there’s no guarantee the problem won’t return. Every subsequent time you play a game can feel like handling a ticking timebomb.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo will eventually offer a more permanent solution. The Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith law firm is looking into the possibility of a class-action lawsuit if they don’t. Switch owners experiencing Joy-Con drift could be entitled to a settlement if they win the possible case.


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