Stop Using Alcohol to Clean Your Switch and Joy-Cons

Nintendo has warned Switch owners that using alcohol and other cleaning solutions on the console and joy-cons could possibly harm their systems.

Now that the global pandemic is going on and everyone is cooped up in their apartments and homes, people have spent many of that time finding ways to entertain themselves. One of those ways includes cleaning. At least I know I have. Many Switch owners have begun wiping down their systems and joy-cons with cleaning supplies such as alcohol or disinfectant wipes. Nintendo has said to not do that. While most people will not run into an issue, it could still possibly damage the systems finish.

Per Kotaku, Nintendo customer service tweeted yesterday regarding the issue. The Tweet was also translated by Kotaku. It stated: “Recently, customers have been asking whether they can disinfect their Nintendo Switch consoles and Joy-Cons with alcohol. We’re very sorry to say please avoid using alcohol as it may cause the plastic parts to fade in color or deform.”

Nintendo didn’t just stop at alcohol, they also warned that other cleaners could potentially damage the plastic casing as well. “We also cannot recommend using non-alcoholic disinfecting sheets, as depending on the ingredients, they may damage the plastic parts,” wrote Nintendo.

With the coronavirus reaching every area of the globe, people have been going to some reasonable lengths to make sure their homes and personal spaces are clean. This warning from Nintendo could potentially help save the casing on some Switch owners cases.

Nintendo did give some insight into how owners could clean their systems if they are inclined to do so. The company stated: “For cleaning purposes, please use a soft dry cloth.” A nice microfiber cloth has always done a fantastic job for me. It gathers dust off the plastic shell and does a good job of getting the dust off the screen without causing any scratches.

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