Nintendo Announces Affiliate Program, Will Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators (UPDATE)

on May 27, 2014 11:46 AM

Update: Nintendo sent out an official translation of the Japanese tweets, which is posted below:

Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances.  Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo.  In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.

Nintendo Japan seriously turned heads today with a surprise announced on Twitter: after previous and failed attempts to control ad revenue on YouTube videos, the company has finally decided to implement an affiliate program — in other words Nintendo and content creators will be able to share ad revenue.

The first tweet reiterates Nintendo’s current standing policy on video footage containing licensed Nintendo content; excluding the inappropriate, Nintendo grans permission for the use of such content with the ad revenue shared by the company and Google.

However, the second tweet is where the penny drop. That one states that “for those wanting to use Nintendo’s content more actively, it will have several affiliate programs for

to receive a portion of the ad revenue.” Nintendo concludes that more information will be provided at a later date.

It seems that Nintendo is becoming more progressive in terms of how they address copyright on YouTube videos. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated with any further information regarding this matter.

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