Nintendo Announces Nintendo TVii

Nintendo Announces Nintendo TVii

Nintendo announced Nintendo TVii that will provide a new entertainment experience on a Nintendo console.

It will feature the ability to pull up sports scores, watch movies, and have access to on demand applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Stream. Users will be able to use the GamePad to access information on what they are currently watching.

The guide will allow users to find out what is on their streaming applications or on their DVR. Each user can personalize how Nintendo TVii will search or work for them and the current user will have their Mii displayed in the corner.

Users can search content based on different categories from recommendations to what is popular to what is currently live. Shows can be selected and information on the cast, crew, and show will appear as well. While content is playing on the main screen, users will be able to view trailers on the GamePad. When watching sports a score card will appear to give sports fans all the information they need on a game that includes player and game stats.

Nintendo is making moves to bring entertainment to users in new and unique ways that allow user interaction with their entertainment content.

You can see the trailer of the service below: