Nintendo Announces RingFit Adventure, The Switch’s Version of Wii Fit

Nintendo Announces RingFit Adventure, The Switch’s Version of Wii Fit

After releasing a weird trailer featuring a fitness ring, Nintendo has announced RingFit Adventure which gets players off the couch.

After releasing a weird video last week showing off a new fitness peripheral, Nintendo has revealed a new game called RingFit Adventure. Nintendo’s latest effort at getting gamers off the couch launches next month.

The fitness devices shown off in both trailers is the Ring-Con and Leg strap, which is how players will experience RingFit Adventure. All you have to do is insert the Joy-Cons into the straps and you’re good to go. Additionally, the Ring-Con has an electronic sensor that knows how much pressure you’re putting on it. As for the Leg Strap, it’ll respond to lower body movements. Both devices can be customized depending on your level of fitness.

The game is focused around a bodybuilding dragon wrecks havoc and it’s up to players to save the world. Unlike every other game, RingFit has players moving their bodies in order to traverse the world. For when you want to move, the player has to jog in place. Additionally, players will fly, dive, or paddleboard and the game will have you move a certain way to do those.

The game also features an RPG-esque battle system where enemies will appear at certain times and you have to fight them with fitness-related attacks. There are over 40 different attacks that are broken up into four categories. Some attacks are based on yoga and others are based on your core muscles. Over time, you’ll level up and earn more skills. Additionally, there are a variety of minigames and traditional exercises players can choose from.

RingFit Adventure launches on October 18 for the Nintendo Switch and it comes with the Ring-Con, Leg Strap, and a copy of the game. If you’re interested, you can check the new trailer below.