Nintendo Bringing Rare amiibo Back to Stores in Limited Quantities Over Next Few Days

on May 16, 2015 11:51 AM

Ever since their debut in stores back in November, Nintendo’s line of amiibo figurines have been highly sought-after commodities to collectors, with some of the figurines’ rarity being incredibly frustrating to consumers.

In a new post on Nintendo’s Facebook page, the company confirmed however that new shipments of some of the harder to find amiibo figurines are making their way to stores over the next few days, though as with the case with previous amiibo launches and shipments, is still being somewhat vague on where and when to find them.

Nintendo’s Facebook post indicated that some of its rare amiibo will be heading back to stores in the next few days, detailing:

“Heads up! Marth and a few other amiibo like Meta Knight and Ike will be hitting shelves in limited quantities over the next few days.
For more information on timing and availability, be sure to visit your local retail stores or check out their websites.”

Unfortunately, there are no other details on where you can exactly find them, but start hitting up the websites of your favorite retailers to see if you might just have another chance to pick up some of the extremely rare amiibo out there.

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