Nintendo Has Cancelled Wii U’s Project Giant Robot

on February 2, 2017 3:19 PM

Remember Project Giant Robot, a Wii U game from Nintendo? Well, it’s been cancelled.

News comes via Nintendo, who confirmed to GameSpot that the game will no longer be released, aka it has been canned. Additionally, Nintendo revealed to Polygon that the cancellation was made “after considering [its] overall product and development strategy.”

For those that don’t know, Project Giant Robot had been in development for at least a few years and was showcased back at E3 2014 as one of the game’s that heavily utilized the Wii U’s GamePad. The game was essentially all about battling giant robots, and had involvement from legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

After that E3 the game essentially disappeared. Originally expected to release in the first half of 2015, the game was then delayed to that summer, and then again to TBD. Now it’s been delayed forever.

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