Nintendo Celebrates Spring with National StreetPass Weekend

From March 25-27, Nintendo will be celebrating the Spring season at various Nintendo Zone locations by allowing fans to collect up to six StreetPass tags across North America. Additionally, special events in various 3DS software will be tied into the event.

Check out the full list of games that are being promoted by National StreetPass Weekend:

1. Bravely Second™: End Layer Demo

Summon friends in battle, or rebuild the fort on the moon. 20 Streetpass tags will be carried over to the full game to help rebuild the fort.

2. Hyrule Warriors Legends

StreetPass Link needs your help! If you enable the StreetPass options in Settings, StreetPass Links from other players may appear on the world map. Assist them by winning battles on their maps to get rewards!


Exchange and save Player Licenses with others, and use them for special Assignments that reward players with extra items.

4. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Players you’ve passed with the StreetPass function activated will appear in the crowds to cheer you on in Pocket Marathon, which adds distance to your run in this mode.

5. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Whenever you connect to another player via StreetPass, they will become your rival in a minigame called StreetSmash. Knock them off the edge to defeat them and earn prizes!

6. Fire Emblem™ Fates

Attack your friend’s castle (or defend your own) via StreetPass. If you win, you’ll get a chance to recruit your opponent’s characters to your team!


Pass other players with the Streetpass function activated to have their chosen Yo-Kai appear in the Yo-Kai apartments, then battle the Yo-Kai and try to befriend it. You even have a chance to meet and befriend Pandanoko, which can only be found at Wayfarer Manor.

8. Mario Party Island Tour

Compete against Mii Characters of other players you’ve connected with via StreetPass to earn Mario Party points.

9. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Make your own Secret Base and share it with others using StreetPass.

10. Shovel Knight

Enter the StreetPass Battle Arena where players can use recorded versions of their Shovel Knight to face off against rival opponents.

For a full list of participating Nintendo Zone locations, check out the official website.

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