Nintendo Comments on 3DS Region Locking

on January 18, 2011 11:00 AM

Nintendo Comments on 3DS Region LockingAs we reported not too long ago, there are rumors abound that the Nintendo 3DS may be Region Locked. This has upset quite a number of gamers for a variety of reasons. Nintendo has stepped forward to comment on these rumors: kind of. They made a few offhand statements to Eurogamer, while safely side-stepping the issue. So take from this what you will, but in my opinion it certainly looks like they’re saying “Yep!”

“Nintendo 3DS hardware is available in three versions: Japanese, American and European/Australian. Nintendo has developed different versions of Nintendo 3DS hardware to take into account different languages, age rating requirements and parental control functionality, as well as to ensure compliance with local laws in each region;”

“Additionally we want to ensure the best possible gaming experience for our users, and There is the possibility that Nintendo 3DS software sold in one region will not function properly when running on Nintendo 3DS hardware sold in another.”

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