Nintendo Switch SKU Listings at GameStop Suggest Another Direct is Coming Soon

Twelve new GameStop SKU placeholder listings for Nintendo Switch have appeared, which may mean another Direct is coming soon.

Before previous Nintendo Directs, unspecified SKU listings have appeared on websites like Amazon and GameStop. While these are technically placeholder listings, they do indicate impending announcements. The cycle seems to be repeating itself once again, as Twitter user @YuYuKami spotted brand new GameStop SKU listings for Nintendo Switch games.

Overall, twelve new Nintendo Switch games are listed alongside known releases like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, and this leak seems pretty credible. This SKU listing does not leak any specific game, like with what happened to Overwatch’s Nintendo Switch port, but is a good indicator that another Nintendo Direct will be held over the next month or so. With the exception of 2016, Nintendo has held some kind of major Direct every January or February since 2013.

Nintendo hasn’t had a ton of major first-party announcements since September’s Direct and their 2020 lineup is looking pretty barren after Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now, so I would expect another Nintendo Direct to happen over the next month. DualShockers will keep you informed as more information about the next Nintendo Direct and its exciting announcements begins to crop up.

In the meantime, you can rewatch September’s Direct below or pick up a Nintendo Switch on Amazon if you somehow haven’t tried the nearly three-year-old hybrid console yet.

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Tomas Franzese

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