Nintendo Direct for Japan-Only Miitopia Reveals December Release Date

on November 6, 2016 2:48 PM

A recent Nintendo Direct  in Japan showed off a new Nintendo 3DS game called Miitopia. Releasing on December 8, 2016, this new Mii game revolves around players saving Miitopia from a Demon King who is stealing faces and using them to create monsters.

You can set up personality traits which will modify what actions your Mii can take, and utilize a job system consisting of twelve different jobs. Battles with monsters will play off of the Mii’s various traits. Favorability between Miis in the party can increase by placing them to the same room at an inn, or during battles and special events. You might also harm your favorability with a fellow Mii by spending too much time with another. Inns also serve as a place to change their appearance, buy new equipment, and engage in various social activities.

Miitopia will be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS in both retail and digital formats on December 8, 2016 for 4,700 yen. No North American release is currently announced. You can watch the full Direct presentation for Miitopia below.

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