New Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow; Focuses on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Mario Tennis Aces

New Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow; Focuses on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Mario Tennis Aces

Surprise! A brand new Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow afternoon focusing on Mario Tennis Aces, along with other Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles.

Surprise Nintendo Direct announcements are becoming the norm for Kyoto-based publisher, Nintendo. And just like in the past, Nintendo surpise-revealed a brand new Nintendo Direct will be coming tomorrow — March 8, 2018 — focusing on games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, but most of all focusing on Mario Tennis Aces.

The news of a brand new Direct came (like always) through a Nintendo social media account. Nintendo shot out this tweet just moments ago:

For all those out of the loop and living under a rock apart from the gaming world, Nintendo Directs are Nintendo’s signature mini-press conferences aired via YouTube. These normally span a range of game announcements, console reveals, and anything in between.

The main points worth noting is that the Nintendo Direct will be short, all things considered, clocking in at only 30 minutes long. On top of that, it won’t just be focused on the increasingly popular Nintendo Switch, but also will be showcasing Nintendo 3DS games. Last but not least, it explicitly mentions that the Nintendo Direct will be focusing on “titles” — not so much quality of life or hardware updates. So people looking for announcements on a Virtual Console or more news on Nintendo’s paid online service may be taking a back seat.

Mario Tennis Aces was revealed at the last Nintendo Direct, shocking many with a supposed Spring 2018 launch date. However, it doesn’t appear that Nintendo will be focusing all their time on the Mario Tennis Aces in a pointed Direct, much like they did for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

As mentioned above, the Nintendo Direct happens tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific // 4 PM Central // 5 PM Eastern. DualShockers will keep you updated on any news and information learned from the Direct.