Nintendo Direct – Play Along With This Bingo Prediction Card While You Tune Into the Stream

Nintendo Direct – Play Along With This Bingo Prediction Card While You Tune Into the Stream

Tune in to the Nintendo Direct with this Bingo prediction card.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but today is a very exciting day for Nintendo fans as they get to tune into the first Nintendo Direct in what feels like forever. To be precise, 529 days ago was the last general Nintendo Direct, which was on September 4th, 2019. The fun and thrill around these Nintendo events are what it’s all about and while we don’t exactly know what will be shown, we do have our very own predictions.

What we do know is that Nintendo will showcase 50 minutes of exciting announcements including details on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other top titles. As you eagerly watch the Nintendo Direct today at 2 p.m PT /5 p.m ET/10 PM GMT, why not play along with this fan-made Bingo prediction card from Reddit that shows off all of the games that could be making an announcement and obviously some tongue in check predictions that always happen at these directs that include “But wait, there’s more!” and “Available today”.

As we can see from the bingo card, creator Obligatory_Username has speculated that some news on Hollow Knight: Silksong will be announced. Developer Team Cherry has confirmed that the Hollow Knight sequel is coming to Switch so this would be the perfect time to tell fans a release date. Also on the Bingo card, it states that some Zelda news could be revealed, specifically Wind Waker. The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 35th birthday on February 21 this year so we could be looking at a separate announcement, if there is one, for Zelda instead of in today’s Nintendo Direct but stranger things have happened!

Check out the Nintendo Direct Bingo card below or even create your own then weep into your pillow at how wrong you were.

nintendo direct bingo card


Make sure you tune into the Nintendo Direct, and also have your Bingo card at hand, by jumping over to Nintendo’s YouTube or watch via Twitch or the Nintendo website.