Nintendo Direct Predictions – Five of Our Best Guesses for Tomorrow’s Livestream

Nintendo Direct Predictions – Five of Our Best Guesses for Tomorrow’s Livestream

Persona 5 for the switch!!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Nintendo is hosting a Nintendo Direct tomorrow for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. The showcase promises 50 minutes (!!) of announcements including information on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other games coming to the Nintendo Switch in H1 of this year. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Nintendo Direct without Predictions, so here are five of our best guesses for tomorrow’s livestream.

Hollow Knight: Silksong finally gets a release date

After being announced over two years ago, Hollow Knight: Silksong SHOULD get a release date here. Many Nintendo Direct Indie Showcases have come and gone without any kind of news, so now is the time. The game is arguably too big for an Indie Showcase and would be right at home smack bang in the middle of a Nintendo Direct proper.

There’s no Zelda or Pokemon news

This one’s a bit of a bummer, kind of. Both of these franchises celebrate huge anniversaries this year, with Zelda turning 35 and Pokemon turning 25. Although a standalone Nintendo Direct is huge and there will likely be millions of eyes on the event, I can’t help but feel Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will have individual presentations planned for the two franchises and the deluge of games they are going to (hopefully) announce. Dropping The Breath of the Wild Sequel’s release date in here, however, would set the gaming world on fire.

There’s a new F-Zero game (or maybe Mario Kart 9)

This may be more in hope than expectation but it’s time for a new F-Zero. People at Nintendo and around the gaming community want it to come back and now is the time. It’s been a minute since Nintendo released a brand new racing game and F-Zero is the perfect candidate. Failing that, I could see this as an opportunity to announce Mario Kart 9 for an April release date.

Nintendo revives another dormant franchise

Nintendo has a back catalogue that goes unrivalled. Unfortunately, alongside the ongoing excellent releases, some of Nintendo’s best franchises have been lost to time. F-Zero is obviously one, however, I think with the Switch’s success, Nintendo could revive another franchise. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Nintendogs game. Advance Wars is another one I’d love to see come back, although, I think a Kid Icarus game would be right at home on the hybrid console.

Persona 5 Announced for Switch

Okay, this one is another one that’s a little out of left field but hear me out. Atlus often send surveys out, asking which games players want to see ports of, and you can almost guarantee a Switch port of Persona 5 is near the top of that list. Couple that with the support on social media, the imminent release of Persona 5 Strikers and the fact that Joker is in Smash and you have a recipe for success.

There you have it, our five Nintendo Direct predictions for tomorrow’s showcase. Let us know what you think in the comments below.