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Nintendo Is Reportedly Downplaying the Joy-Con Drift Problem

Nintendo has reportedly stated during a class action law suit that Joy-Con drift “isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience”

October 2, 2020

For all of you Switch owners out there, I am willing to bet at least half of you have to experience Joy-Con drift. And for those of you who somehow have no idea what that is, Joy-Con drift is when one of the controls acts as if the user is pushing the analog stick in a certain direction when they aren’t. Nintendo is reportedly downplaying the issue during a class-action lawsuit that was filed in July of last year.

Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK&D), a law firm in the US reports that Nintendo is arguing that the Joy-Con drift issue “isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience.”

CSK&D is working to get the case through the arbitration process. The law firm has been replying to consumers who have previously contacted them and asking if they could provide videos that can display the defect. On top of that, they would like to see how Nintendo handled their complaints and if it affected the consumer’s confidence in Nintendo’s products.

An email from the firm had been republished on Reddit and states: “Thank you for contacting our law firm about the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift litigation. We are working on putting together a montage of video clips from Nintendo Switch owners such as yourself as a way to give voice to the joy-con drift issues you’ve experienced. This will be helpful to us in responding to Nintendo’s arguments about how this isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience. In an effort to humanize and demonstrate these issues and their impact on consumers, it would be helpful to our prosecution of the case if you would submit a short (90 seconds or less) video to us describing your experience with the Joy-Con drift on your controllers.”

The law firm would like if videos could be submitted no later than October 16. They intend to share them with both Nintendo’s attorneys and the company’s representatives.

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After the suit was filed last year, Nintendo did stop charging Switch owners for Joy-Con repairs. On top of that, the company also refunded those who had sent in their controllers to be fixed.

It does seem a little weird that Nintendo would refund and fix controllers for free but also not acknowledge and try to downplay the issue. Who knows. I am sure there is legal mumbo jumbo that has caused them to do so. It does still seem a bit misguided though.

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