Nintendo Explains Why Super Mario Maker Courses are Disappearing

on April 11, 2016 4:04 PM

Nintendo, always in the center of controversy, has been struggling to explain to content creators why their Super Mario Maker levels have been sporadically disappearing from servers. And while this has been the cause of confusion in the past — even among Nintendo reps — their latest page on the Super Mario Maker support page lists reasons for removal ranging from Nintendo rule violation to sheer unpopularity.

If you’ve noticed your levels disappearing, check out the list below and see whether any of the following reasons are why your level was deleted.

  • Low stars/plays
    • After a fixed period of time, courses with low stars/plays will be automatically deleted from the server.
  • Bugs
    • Courses that include bugs that were unintended by either the course creator or the developers will be deleted. It’s important that we remove levels with bugs quickly, because letting these levels remain in Course World can lead to negative outcomes for many players such as players experiencing levels in unfair ways that the original course creator did not intend, or re-writing “World Record” times.
  • Requesting stars from other users
    • Courses that are explicitly asking for stars from other players will be deleted. For example, using words such as “Like”, “Yeah!”, and the “★” symbol in their course names. Please change the course name when saving a course that includes these words.
  • Inappropriate Content
    • Courses that contain something inappropriate, such as offensive language or phrases will be deleted.
  • Other behavior in violation of the Nintendo Network Code of Conduct. Please note that repeated violations can result in additional penalties.
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