Nintendo Files Patent for “Eye Tracking Enabling 3D” on “2D Display”

on July 3, 2014 10:43 PM

In an intriguing turn of events, Nintendo has recently filed a patent in the US for a device that tracks 3D eye movement on a 2D display:


According to the claims in the patent:

A method for providing three-dimensional (3D) display on a display device, the method comprising: tracking the position and/or orientation of at least a part of a user; using a computer processor, determining a viewpoint relative to the display device based at least in part on said tracking; the computer processor using said determined viewpoint relative to the display device and at least one 3D virtual object modeled using real world coordinates to at least in part define the projection of the at least one 3D virtual object, including changing the viewing frustum for the projection of said at least one 3D virtual object in response to said tracking to introduce parallax for viewing the at least one 3D virtual object; and rendering for display, on said display device, said at least one 3D virtual object.

Benefits to this eye tracking technology include:

Viewpoint movement detection can provide collision-related game logic benefits such as allowing a player to dodge projectiles, giving a game character an ability to “see” the player when not behind line-of-sight obstacles, and other advantages.

The technology sounds pretty interesting and I’m curious to see how Nintendo plans on utilizing this: if its for the Wii U or a future console.

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