Nintendo Files Trademark for N64 Controller

Nintendo Files Trademark for N64 Controller

Nintendo files a trademark for an N64 controller in Europe, dousing the speculative flames of an N64 micro console to new levels.

Nintendo’s next micro console, the SNES Classic, is poised to fly off store shelves this fall. And now the question is: will Nintendo stop there with the micro consoles, or is there more coming, such as a miniature Nintendo 64? Well according to a new trademark Nintendo filed in Europe, a N64 classic could indeed be on the horizon.

Filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the filing is for a controller that appears to be identical to that iconic N64 three-ponged (sexy) controller.  Further, the application is listed under goods and services, which seems to suggest that the controller would be a physical product. And unless Nintendo is going to be releasing standalone N64 controller sometime soon, I’m personally inclined to believe it is for a N64 mini, but that’s nothing more than speculation based of a trademark, which could mean little to nothing.

As you may remember, similar filings were made for NES and SNES controllers prior to the announcement of their respective micro consoles.

Below, you can view an image of the filing:


As you may know, the SNES Classic isn’t the only retro console making its way to the market soon: with plug-in-and-play versions of the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis also coming this fall in multiple versions.

In case you missed it, DualShocker’s listed the 24 games it would like to see on the hypothetical Nintendo 64 micro console.