Nintendo Games Dominate in Survey Asking Japanese Gamers for Best Titles of 2013

on December 30, 2013 9:13 PM

Remember that article a few days ago featuring Japanese developers weighing in on their picks for best games of 2013? Well its the consumers’ turn, as MyNaviNews polled 1000 Japanese gamers for their weigh in for best games this year. The results are posted below:

1st : Pokemon X and Y (3DS) 17.8%
2nd : Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) 16.1%
3rd : LINE Pocopan (Smartphone/Tablet) 10.8%
4th : Puzzle and Dragons (Smartphone/Tablet) 10.3%
5th : Super Mario 3D World 5.5%
6th : Dragon Quest X (WiiU/PC) 4.7%
7th : Senkan Collection (Browser) 4.5%
8th : Gyakuten Saiban 5/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (3DS) 4.3%
9th : Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3/360) 4.2%
10th : Nobunaga’s Ambition (3DS) 4.1%
11th : Resident Evil 6 (PS3/360/PC) 3.9%
12th : Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) 3.2%
13th : Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure All-Star Battle (PS3) 3.0%
14th : Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 (PS3/360) 2.8%
15th : FIFA 14 World Class Soccer (PS3/360) 2.3%
Runner up : One Piece Warriors 2 (PS3/Vita) 2.0%

The survey pool was made up of female and male gamers who were polled upon log-in. The results were collected between December 6th to December 12th.

It’s quite surprising to see such a difference in picks between developers and gamers for top games of the year, although I’m definitely not surprised to see Pokemon X and Y on the list in first place. Gran Theft Auto V is on the list at number nine, which makes sense since it did very well in Japan. Lightning Returns ranked 14th–rather disappointing for a game whose heroine is suppose to be insanely popular among Japanese gamers.

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