Nintendo Has “No Plans” to Release The Last Story in the West

Nintendo Has “No Plans” to Release The Last Story in the West


While this is certainly an “at this moment” type of statement, Nintendo told VG24/7 that is has “no plans” to localize Mistwalker’s latest, and quite talked-about, RPG The Last Story. It is being published in Japan by Nintendo, but since Mistwalker is a 3rd party developer, it is possible they may look outside of Nintendo and toward another localization studio to bring the title to Western regions.

Note that this certainly isn’t denial from Nintendo that the title will never be brought over her by them, but they certainly have “no plans” to do so at the moment.

What is even more interesting is it seems that Mistwalker wants to bring the game to the west, but, of course, they’re unable to do it themselves and need a localization publisher. The company has been tweeting about the game in English, which is a departure from the usual Japanese tweets that they’ve been communicating in through the course of development. It might just be a coincidence, but I’m betting they would love the game released in the West. It is just highly disappointing that Nintendo is snubbing us for the time being.

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