Nintendo UK Hosting Indie Highlights Video for Switch Tomorrow at 14:00 GMT

Nintendo UK Hosting Indie Highlights Video for Switch Tomorrow at 14:00 GMT

Nintendo UK has announced a indie highlights video premiering tomorrow that will detail some indie games coming to Switch in 2019.

Nintendo UK announced on Twitter today a Indie Highlights where they would be premiering a new video showcasing some of the upcoming indie releases for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, January 23, 2019 at 14:00 GMT (that’s 6:00 A.M. Pacific for us West coast Yankees).

The stream will take place on their website, YouTube, and Twitch channels. Some yet-to-be-released indie games include: Baba Is You, Children of Morta, Streets of Rogue, Slay the Spire, Windjammers 2, Night Call, Terraria, Treasure Stack, and Dragon: Marked for Death.

Previous Nintendo Direct videos include a January 2018 Mini that showcased Dark Souls Remastered on Switch and a port of The World Ends With You. Then a Direct appeared in early March 2018 featuring a big Super Smash Bros. tease, a Dark Souls “Praise the Sun” Amiibo, and the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. Then we had the infamous E3 Direct all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, followed up with another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct in August and the last one in November. There was also a Direct all about Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s latest mobile game, and a September Direct that teased Animal Crossing Switch for 2019, announced more ports (including a bunch of Final Fantasy games) and some long awaited information for their online subscription service such as NES titles and save cloud data.

This UK Indie Highlights doesn’t appear to be an official Direct video as there is no announced length and its focused on the UK instead of the worldwide audience. Many Nintendo fans expected a big January Direct to detail the 2019 plans for the 3DS and Switch, but have been left wanting. While there’s still time for a January Direct, Nintendo’s other Twitter accounts have not yet begun teasing an announcement with Chibi Robo on fire or other screencaps from their games.