Sony Removes Mario From Dreams After Nintendo Issues Copyright Strike

Nintendo issues copyright strike, Sony pulls Mario out of Dreams.

If you’re one the many who are playing Media Molecules Dreams, or maybe you’ve just been keeping an eye on the community, you’ll no doubt have seen an incredible selection of user-created games —called dreams— made within the game. However, it seems Nintendo isn’t too happy with one character model created for the community to use.

Piece of Craft, a Dreams user who created the rigged Mario character model for the community to use in their creations has announced that their model is now moderated and has been “removed from Dreams due to “contains copyrighted material”.”

The user took to Twitter to explain, “A big video game company who I will keep nameless obviously didn’t read my “be cool” note in dreams” they said.

In the comments, they replied to someone who was speculating that it might not be Nintendo who issued the takedown, but Piece of Craft confirmed it was the company as the email about the copyright claim includes the name of the claimant. “in this case it says Nintendo” they confirmed.

They also confirm that the email came from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe from the business affairs division and that Nintendo objected to the use of their Super Mario IP in Dreams.

The takedown isn’t at all surprising as Nintendo is well-known for issuing copyright strikes on content that makes use of their IP. The company was, at one point, against gameplay footage of its own games being uploaded, but seem to have been more laid back in recent years. Dreams does include a lot of content from other IPs such as movies, cartoons, and more.

Last year it was revealed that Media Molecule was looking into a commercial license so that whatever users make in Dreams can be used outside of it. A beta test went live this month allowing users to use creations outside of the game for business purposes.

Piece of Craft confirms that they can no longer edit the model and other users can’t find or use it now. They’re unsure how this affects levels that have the model being used, but as Eurogamer points out, there seem to be levels that are still playable. “Super Mario 64 HD” by Yoru Tamashi and “Super Mario Infinity [Demo]” from SilverDragon-x- still seem to up and running. “It’s kinda like a slap on the wrist” Piece of Craft states.

According to Piece of Craft, they have a plan which looks to be revealed at some point today. They also joked that they’re going to move onto creating Disney models, but then confirmed they’re actually waiting on a permission slip and the green light, so it seems as if they’ve reached out to Disney to create something.

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