Check Out These Insane Creations From the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

Check Out These Insane Creations From the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

Nintendo has released a video showing off some of the colorful creations from their recently announced Nintendo Labo Creators Contest.

Nintendo recently announced a contest where gamers of Nintendo Labo could share their creations with the world. Some of the winners have been announced, and the results are quite amazing. Don’t feel glum if you missed out on the first part of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest because there is still one category open to submissions for all (unless you are younger than 13 and live in Canada).

The contest has three different categories to separate the different types of customizations for Nintendo Labo creators. The first was Decoration, and the time to submit that project has ended. The results from this category are posted in the video below, which include some very snazzy modifications to cardboard skins.

The Toy-Con mod using Toy-Con Garage category made contestants use their current Toy-Con in a new way. This part of the contest recently ended and Nintendo has yet to reveal the winners. The category for Original invention using the Toy-Con Garage is currently still open until June 15 for those who wish to enter their piece.

Think you have what it takes to create an original invention using the Toy-Con Garage in Nintendo Labo? Are you brash enough to enter a submission centered around Tingle from Majora’s Mask? Then get creative and show off your work with a picture or video and upload it to the contest website.

Of course, if you haven’t had a moment to check out the Nintendo Labo, we highly recommend it. DualShockers reviewed the weird paper-craft Nintendo project, noting it “shows off a lot of what makes Nintendo great: charm, ingenuity, and undefinable Nintendo magic.”

If you would like to see more of the creations from the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest or need a convenient link to enter your own project into it, submit it via Nintendo Labo’s official site. Also, check out the highlight video below: