Nintendo is Now Offering Replacement Parts for Nintendo Labo Kits

Nintendo is Now Offering Replacement Parts for Nintendo Labo Kits

As it's likely you might lose a piece or two along the way, Nintendo's store page is now offering replacement parts for Nintendo Labo for Switch.

The anticipated papercraft accessory Nintendo Labo for the Switch proves that cardboard might be a bit more versatile than you think, and while it’s inevitable that some of the pieces of Labo might get damaged or lost, Nintendo will have you covered with replacement part options.

Nintendo’s FAQ page for the cardboard Switch accessory has revealed that replacement parts and kits are available (as of today) for Nintendo Labo’s various creations, allowing users (or most likely parents) to pick up extra parts in case any of the Nintendo Labo kit parts get damaged or torn while under construction.

Of course, Nintendo has explained in the past that parts can be made on your own using the stencils that are provided with the Nintendo Labo kits, making it fairly easy to replace any lost or damaged parts. However, the replacement part kits on Nintendo’s support page are fairly inexpensive, ranging from $1.99 to $11.99, depending on the parts that you are buying for, whether they are from the Variety Kit or the much more complex Robot Kit.

For a closer look at the replacement part options for Nintendo Labo and its Kits, you can head over to Nintendo’s store page for the specific Labo replacement parts.

Nintendo Labo is available now for Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the accessory just yet, you can pick up either the Variety Kit or Robot Kit from Amazon now.

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