Latest Nintendo Minute Episode Features Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Latest Nintendo Minute Episode Features Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Nintendo Minute hosts Kit and Krysta flaunt a whole lot of cardboard from Nintendo's latest release Nintendo Labo.

On the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, the Switch’s latest release, Nintendo Labo, is showcased in all of its glory.

Hosts Kit and Krysta briefly unbox the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit giving you a glimpse of what’s inside before they do a little building of there own. For the majority of the video, they build and play with the RC car — which comes with the Variety Kit — showing just how it works.

Another portion of the video is used to discuss the infrared camera, which is how a lot of the games function with your cardboard creations, as well as the Toy-Con Garage feature that allows you to invent your own ways to play by using a very simple interface on the Switch tablet.

Both the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit for Nintendo Labo was revealed back in January. The first includes a few different things to build and play with — including the aforementioned RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike, and a piano — while the second mainly focuses on the cardboard mech suit.

In recent Nintendo Labo news, replacement parts for both kits are available now, ranging in prices from $1.99 to $11.99.

Nintendo Labo is available now for Nintendo Switch.