New Nintendo Labo Video Shows Off the Vehicle Kit and Its Included Software

New Nintendo Labo Video Shows Off the Vehicle Kit and Its Included Software

With Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, players can control a car, submarine, or plane in games like Adventure, Rally, Circuit, Slot Cars, and Battle.

With only two weeks left until the launch of Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, Nintendo released a new video that details some of the software included. Using the new included Toy-Con controllers, players can take command of a car, plane, or submarine.

Like with the previous two Labo kits, the Vehicle Kit will have players construct Toy-Con controllers from included cardboard sheets, with the Switch software giving instructions. The Toy-Con Car set is composed of a steering pedal and a wheel, which is composed of various parts, such as a knob and levers. Perform wheelies, activate your wipers, use sawblades and bombs, and even switch to the in-game radio.

Using the Toy-Con Key, players can switch from the car to either the submarine or plane controllers. The submarine will use two wheels and the pedal to control, with a button to deploy an anchor. The plane is controlled via joystick, with the ability to shoot missiles. Players can switch between vehicles at any time.

The software comes with games like Adventure, where players use their vehicles to explore an expansive mysterious world. Solo and co-op missions will take players to pyramids, an archeological dig site, snowy mountains, and other various settings.

Racing games include Rally, Circuit, Slot Cars, and Battle. A Toy-Con Spray Can will allow players to customize their vehicles and player character, through the game’s Paint Studio. Finally, perhaps the coolest feature demonstrated in the video is Custom Controls, which lets the player use just about any item at their disposal as a controller.

Children will be able to try out the new Nintendo Labo kit at workshops around the United States, while more traditional gamers will be able to use the kit for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The kit releases on September 14, and you can watch the showcase video below.