Nintendo Labo VR Kit is Detailed in This 7-Minute Trailer

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit will provide at least 64 "family-friendly" games with the feature to create new ones, as shown in a new video.

Leading video game company and cardboard peddler Nintendo surprised the industry a few weeks ago, announcing a Nintendo Labo VR Kit. Nintendo disclosed a few details but stopped short at sharing any video footage, until now. A new trailer runs over seven minutes and showcases just what the company’s first foray into the virtual reality space (that isn’t the Virtual Boy) will have to offer.

Putting together a trailer for a VR product isn’t the easiest thing to do—it’s impossible to get a good idea of it without trying it yourself. That could be why this video is long and extensive, with Nintendo attempting to convey the feature set of their unusual product. Complete with a full voiceover, the trailer lists and demonstrates the components compatible with this cardboard VR headset (which frustratingly doesn’t include a headband, it appears).

The headset can be worn by itself, but users will likely be attaching it to Toy-Con such as the Blaster. The software includes games such as an alien invasion shoot-em-up, which has players on rails and shooting at surrounding enemies, and a 2-player shooting game that comes across as Hungry Hungry Hippos, but a bit slower and less fun.

A “Wind Pedal” Toy-Con offers some games where players step on a pedal to make their character jump. The Toy-Con Bird gives players control of, uh, a bird—squeeze its grips to make the bird fly, and tilt the Toy-Con to steer. The Toy-Con Elephant lets people use the Toy-Con’s trunk for a variety of uses, such as the tool in a 3D art program or your way of manipulating puzzles in another game.

Fans of Pokemon Snap may be crossing their fingers looking at the Toy-Con Camera, but for now, those fans will have to make do with taking pictures of fish. But the most significant part of the software is probably the VR Plaza, which the trailer states will contain 64 minigames. Via Toy-Con Garage VR, players can even create their own VR minigames. The breadth of features looks more impressive than I expected, but I still question how good the Switch’s 720p screen will look right up to your face.

No word yet on whether or not any of these VR Toy-Con will support existing Nintendo Switch games, as the Vehicle Kit did with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The full kit will be available on April 12 at a suggested retail price of $79.99, with a starter kit with the software and blaster Toy-Con also available for $39.99. Those who opt to get the starter kit instead can buy the other Toy-Con devices from two expansions for $19.99 each.

Check out the full trailer and a gallery below.

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