Nintendo Launching Wii Mini to US Store Shelves on November 17th for $99

Nintendo Launching Wii Mini to US Store Shelves on November 17th for $99

Even with the launches of PS4 and Xbox One upon us in only a few week’s time, Nintendo has pulled a surprising move by announcing today that it will be releasing the Wii Mini to the US right in the middle of the new consoles.

Nintendo confirmed that the Wii Mini, a scaled-down and more affordably-priced version of its hugely popular Wii console already released to Canada and Europe earlier, will be released to US retailers on November 17th, 2013 for $99 – just a few days after the PS4’s launch, and right before Xbox One makes its way into midnight launch parties and store shelves.

While the Wii Mini is more of a barebones edition of its previous version – the Mini lacks component video output, WiFi, GameCube compatibility, an SD card slot, and the capabilities for online gaming – its entry price point and compatibility with the Wii’s extensive library (now at over 1,400 titles strong) might make it an appealing offer this holiday season to get in on the Wii for incredibly cheap.

In addition, the console will also come bundled with Mario Kart Wii and a Wii Motion Plus Remote and Nunchuck Controller, adding already to the bundle’s appealing value.

Wii Mini will head to retail stores on November 17th, 2013 and be available for pre-order by a number of online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R’ Us, and others.