Nintendo Lawyers Retaliate Against Super Mario 64 PC Port and File Copyright Complaints

Nintendo's lawyers are seemingly trying to get rid of any trace of the Super Mario 64 PC port that was made public last week.

Last weekend, a big project had finally been made for public use. A port of Super Mario 64 had made its way to PCs thanks to a recompilation project that had fans reverse engineer the game’s source code back in 2019. However, Nintendo’s lawyers were quick to bring down the hammer on the project.

Per TorrentFreak, A United States-based based law firm named Wildwood Law Group LLC, a company that has been known to work with Nintendo in the past to take down other mods, filed a complaint this past week. The complaint can be read right here from LumenDatabase.

While you might be able to still find some executables somewhere online, there are some locations that haven’t been so lucky. Copies of the project have been taken down from file-hosting websites and many posts or comments on Reddit that link to the game have been removed as well.

Nintendo has also been targeting Youtube videos that feature the port. Some videos showcasing the port and presumably linking in the description have been taken down too.

The reverse-engineered port wasn’t just a typical emulated version of Super Mario 64 that plenty of us have seen before. This version had 4k resolutions enabled, gameplay that is geared toward modern controllers, and support for wider monitors. It would have been nice to at least see it in action for myself, but I am not surprised that Nintendo is taking out all traces of the executable that they can.

People can try to hide it as long as they can, but Nintendo’s lawyers will eventually get it. Nintendo is known to defend its IP at all costs.

Hopefully, the rumored Super Mario collection will include a remake of the classic 3D platformer and bring it into glorious high definition.

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