Nintendo Looking at Skylanders Style Figurines, Joint Agreement IP Licensing, No New Hardware Until Customers Happy with Wii U

Nintendo Looking at Skylanders Style Figurines, Joint Agreement IP Licensing, No New Hardware Until Customers Happy with Wii U

At today’s Nintendo financial meeting, president Satoru Iwata addressed the news regarding Nintendo’s poor  financial results, and also detailed the company’s plans for the rest of the year.

NFP Figurines

Iwata announced that Nintendo is currently producing a figurine series tentatively titled “NFP” that, much like Activision’s Skylander series, are designed to be scanned into games. While it’s not currently clear how exactly the NFP series will work, Iwata did note that the figurines would be able to obtain data from multiple games and are designed to make “proactive use of the in-house IP character of Nintendo.”

The NFP system will use an IR-based NFC reader and will feature both 3DS and Wii U capabilities, with cross platform networking intended. In order to give the 3DS NFC capabilities, an add on will be released (Pictured below).

3DS Scannerz

NFP has apparently been in production since last year, and more information regarding NFP games will be shown off at E3. Release is currently slated for next year.

IP Licensing and Mobile Software

On the IP front, Iwata said that currently there was nothing to announce, but Nintendo is looking at a joint agreement with another company – which company that is is still unknown. However, he also noted that currently Nintendo expects limited profits from this venture and so they’re primarily looking at non-game features.

[In regards to] the possibility of collaboration that take advantage of  licensed Nintendo character IPs, I have a suggestion and specific contact.
There is nothing in the stage of today has become a stage that you described in detail, but for the business of the kind we have not license until now, various possibilities, so came out about the possibility of collaboration, I think that you can talk specifically by the end of the year is coming out.

This is distinct from their previously announced mobile ventures, which Iwata noted would have its first release in at the end of this year in the form of an app currently going by the name Mario Kart TV.  with the first screens also shown during his talk.

Mario TV

This app is designed to allow game movies to be shared with friends, as well as letting users check out ratings.

The Future of the Wii U

In regards to the Wii U’s poor performance, Iwata noted that the console had had a disappointing performance, but Nintendo is hoping for a turn around from the release of both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

The Wii U, it is at this stage still has a long way to go as a number of popular game consoles, but there are about 1.3 million units already Wii U that is connected to the Internet in the country. [The talk was given in Japan].

Analyst David Gibson reports that in the following Q&A session, Iwata also stated that Nintendo was not looking to release new hardware until they knew their consumers were happy with their current platforms.