Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021 - What Is It and Can You Buy It?

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November 7, 2021

If you’re a fan of all things Nintendo, then you’ll want to hear about the Nintendo November advent calendar 2021!

You might be thinking, a Nintendo calendar? Give it to me now. I think anyone and everyone would think the same. The question is, is it even available for purchase and what does it contain?

Keep reading to find out everything we know about the Nintendo November advent calendar 2021.

What Is The Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021?

If you’re an avid Tiktok watcher then chances are you’ve seen some of Celinaspookyboo’s videos floating around.


She rose to popularity for a number of reasons, the most prominent being her hilarious sleep recordings, take the one below for example.

It’s a fairly well-known fact that influencers, especially those with millions of followers like Celina herself, will be gifted items by companies. This is usually in the hopes the recipient will make some form of content about the product, gaining the gifter more potential buyers and sales.

Celina is one of the lucky few to be gifted the Nintendo November advent calendar, a huge box with doors large enough to be punched open, as seen in the video below.

Can You Buy The Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021?

Unfortunately, these calendars are not available to the public and are likely Nintendo’s efforts to give viewers gift ideas in the lead up to Christmas.

Be sure to follow along as Celina continues to open more doors, thankfully she isn’t keeping us waiting day by day, instead – opening a few at a time!

What Rewards Have Been in The Calendar So Far?

Here is the list of presents from each day in the calendar so far:

1- Green and Pink Joy-cons
2- Animal Crossing pin set of 4
3- Goomba Amibo
4- Animal Crossing water bottle
5- Super Mario multi colour pen
6- Super Mario Bros. ice cube tray
7- Mario Kart lunch bag
8- Super Mario Bros. magnets
9- 8 NES coasters
10- Super Mario Bros. mug
11- 128GB Nintendo Switch SanDisk card
12- Turtle shell stress ball
13- Princess Peach cap
14- Super Mario lego
15- Nintendo Switch Online 12 month membership card
16- Kirby T-Shirt
17- Mini Coin Pillow
18- Super Mario Socks
19- Pokemon Interactive Watch
20- Super Mario UNO
21- Super Mario Coin Candies
22- Caped Mario Figurine
23- Super Mario Drawstring Backpack and Zipper Pouch
24- Animal Crossing Tom Nook Beanie
25- Super Mario Wallet
26- Animal Crossing Bandana
27- NES Bag Tag
28- Super Mario Switch Case
29- Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards
30- Free Nintendo eShop Game worth $79.99

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