Nintendo of America Announces Wii Games: Summer 2010

Nintendo of America Announces Wii Games: Summer 2010




If you ever found yourself wishing that there was a venue for competitive gaming for the whole family, then Nintendo of America has the event for you, Wii Games: Summer 2010. This summer there will be twenty four tournaments held in locations throughout the United States. The events will begin on July 16 and end September 3-5 with the National Championship in Los Angeles.

Of the twenty four tournaments, eight will be held in Six Flags theme parks, while the other sixteen will be held in various shopping malls throughout the country. In the tournament itself gamers will be forced to show there skills in a variety of games including, Basketball and Bowling in Wii Sports Resort, Hula Hoop from Wii Fit, New Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart Wii. Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson will be serving as an ambassador for the events and is “looking forward to watching people from all over the country coming together to have fun and compete.”

If your skills are enough to qualify you for the National Championship, you could win Nintendo systems, games, trophies and even a cruise. So if you are interested click here for a list of locations , prizes and competition rules.