Nintendo of America Has Their Eyes on Xenoblade’s Performance in Europe

Reggie Fils-Aime, everyone’s favorite lovable teddy bear from Nintendo of America, has gone on record to say that he’s closely watching how Xenoblade does in Europe. Starting August 22 (and continuing into September in some countries), MonolithSoft’s Wii-exclusive RPG will be let loose on Europe and it seems that if sales are good, it might be heading to North America next.

“We will be watching very closely what happens in Europe. Certainly if there are business opportunities and positive consumer uptake from some of those titles, that will be great data for us to consider as we look at what to do with these titles,” he said.

I had a hard time understanding that politically correct corporate rabble, so let’s translate that into normal people words: “If these games sell well in Europe and line our pockets with cold, hard cash so we can all go to Vegas, party with hookers and ride around in a Ferrari, we’ll consider releasing it in North America so we can do the same next year.”

Gamers in Europe, you are all now requested to buy two copies each. I don’t care if you don’t own a Wii, buy two copies anyway. That is all. Love, gamers in North America.


Chad Awkerman

Chad joined the DualShockers staff in mid 2009 and since then has put much of his time into covering RPGs, with a focus on the Japanese side of the genre, from the obscure to the mainstream. He's a huge fan of iconic games like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI and Persona 4 yet enjoys the smaller niche titles, as well. In his spare time he enjoys experiencing new beer, new foods and keeping up with just about every sci-fi show on television. He's married to an intelligent, beautiful Southern Belle who keeps his life interesting with witty banter and spicy Cajun cooking.

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