Nintendo Launches Its Official Merchandise Store on Amazon

Nintendo has officially launched a new online store through Amazon offering numerous video game merchandise and video games and consoles.

Sometimes, you just can’t not buy merchandise related to your favorite video games. Nintendo has launched a new online merchandise store on Amazon so that fans can grab a Bowser mask and dance around a ring of Luigi RC cars.

The new merchandise store seems to have arrived perfectly in line with Christmas, a time where people will be rummaging through websites and catalogs in panic. But now, you can expect family members to sit thinking, “I’ve seen that plump plumber with a red hat on their video game system! Christmas is sorted.” Before you know it, you could end up opening your present to find yourself dressing up as Mario himself with a Yoshi crotch. Unless of course, you purchase it yourself.

The type of items available to purchase range from toys, clothes, memorabilia, and gadgets. There’s also a good deal of cylindrical containers used for storing liquids and beverages within, some with handles for those hot to handle ones!

The home page for the official Nintendo merchandise store shows specific panels for those looking for their favorite video game-related items such as Super Mario, Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and more. There’s also a section dedicated to retro Nintendo with SNES clothing, Game Boy cups, and video game-themed coasters. As a Zelda fan, I really like the look of the Shiekah Slate light.

The store also has a panel that links over to their video games and consoles, so if you’re not looking to get a bunch of Nintendo-themed stickers, you can grab some video games instead. That mini-site offers similar panels leading to the titles in a series, such as Pokemon, and even digital codes for indie games. So if you’re looking for somewhere to grab Nintendo merch without having to step out into the blustery cold winds, it seems this could be an option for you.

It might not be directly related, but with Nintendo opening a theme-park, and with Shigeru Miyamoto stating he wants Nintendo to be as big as Disney, it seems kitting out the world with official merch is a good step forward.

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