Nintendo Plans To Bring More 3DS Franchises to the Switch

With the recent success of the Switch Lite, Nintendo 3DS franchises might be making their way to the console.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has already grown to become a success. That success might mean that Nintendo will bring over some 3DS franchises to the console sometime in the near future.

Per Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal tech reporter, Nintendos president, Shuntaro Furukawa, stated that “the company would make more 3DS franchises available on the Switch.” As GameSpot pointed out, Brain Age has already been announced for the console and will be this December in Japan. There is still no release planned in the West as of yet.

Furukawa mentioned that the company would make more 3DS franchises available on the Switch due to the popularity of the Switch Lite and bring some games that convey to the appeal of the smaller system.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has jumped out of the gates and became a success almost immediately. The console sold almost 2 million units within the first 10 days of its launch. Now that there is a console with a bit smaller form factor, it would be nice to have some more pop in and play games that the 3DS had a multitude of.

But that leads to the question, what could the president of Nintendo mean by bringing over 3DS franchises? I mean, it, of course, means that games like Brain Age and other similar titles will be getting new entries on the console. But could that possibly mean we will be seeing ports of 3DS titles as well? This goes without saying, but the 3DS has one of the best catalogs of games to choose from out of any console. It would be great to see some of the titles on the system make there way over to the Switch.

I would love to play through A Link Between Worlds again. Hell, just having Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on my console at all times, readily available for me to play whenever I want, puts me at ease. I even want to dip my toes into Super Mario 3D Land again. Maybe I just want all of these games on the Switch because I currently can’t find where I last put my 3DS? Well, it’ll show up someday. Hopefully.

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