Nintendo Recognizes Apple as Threat

Nintendo Recognizes Apple as Threat


Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has recently expressed that he’s not too worried about Sony and Microsoft. What Nintendo should be worried about is Apple, and its invasion of the portable market space with the iPod and iPhone devices. Fils-Aime recently said to Forbes the following:

“Do I think that in the near term they can hurt us more than Microsoft? Absolutely.”

Fils-Aime also defends Nintendo’s portable market by sharing the fact that Nintendo DS games offer much larger, more dedicated experiences than anything found on the iPod and iPhone. He then claims that he has already invested 150 total hours into Dragon Quest IX; driving the point that some Nintendo DS games do indeed offer a much more involved level of gaming.

After almost 6 years of the Nintendo DS release, Nintendo hopes to bring up its portable hardware sales when it ships the 3DS this coming March. The company is expecting to sell 4 million units in the first month.