Nintendo Releasing Mewtwo DLC for Pokemon Black/White

on January 25, 2012 7:00 PM

Ask any Pokemon purist and they’ll tell you that only the first 151 are worth talking about and that the strongest, coolest most awesome of them all is none other than Mewtwo. His popularity isn’t perplexing; he was the star of the first ever Pokemon movie to be localized for release in America. Nintendo has announced that Mewtwo is on his way to terrorize the trainers of Pokemon Black/White. He’ll be available for download from February 12th and will probably only be offered at select locations or events, as is customary for post-release character DLC for the Pokemon games.

In addition to putting this powerful Pokemon back into circulation, Nintendo’s also crafting a special Mewtwo-EX trading card for the Pokemon TCG (new line launches Feb. 8th) and the other movie that stars Mewtwo – The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon -is being screened online as we speak. The release of Mewtwo will definitely give me a reason to pop Pokemon Black back in. Expect his presence in the online mode to quadruple.


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