Nintendo Reported a 428% Increase in First-Quarter Profit

Although the global pandemic has been terrible for some, it looks like Nintendo has been raking in the dough during this time.

By Grant Huff

August 9, 2020

While the global pandemic has been detrimental for many companies, it looks like Nintendo is doing just fine. In fact, they are doing more than just fine. During its first quarter, the video game company reported an increase in profit of 428%.

The operating profit for April-June was 144.7 billion yen.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons went on to become the game for everyone to pick up during the pandemic as it sold 10.6 million copies during the first quarter. That number brought its total sales to 22.4 million. Making it the second-highest selling Nintendo Switch title.

Finally, Nintendo reported that it sold 5.7 million Switch consoles during the first quarter. 3 million of those being the regular portable/home console while about 2.6 million of those were the Switch Lite version. Nintendo stated that it maintained its sales forecast of 19 million Switch consoles in the current financial unit.

Although the company has a downright hit with the Nintendo Switch. They have not released a major title since Animal Crossing and there is no word on major titles releasing anytime soon. Sure, we might have a port of Pikmin 3 coming pretty soon. However, that will not sell the number of units that a new Mario or Zelda title would. Hell, it definitely won’t sell the number of units Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold, which I guess is Nintendo’s next biggest series now right under Mario Kart.

Maybe the appeal of the Switch hybrid console is just so intense that it might not matter if there is a dip in the number of games releasing for some time. One thing that is for sure though is that these things are flying off the shelves willy nilly. I have even been wanting to pick a Switch Lite up to take with me on longer trips where I would only be playing portably.

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