Nintendo Reveals The Two Fossil Pokemon of Pokemon X & Y in New Artwork

By Ryan Meitzler

September 23, 2013

Pokemon X & Y is gearing up for release in a few short weeks, and it looks like Nintendo has unearthed some new artwork of some Mesozoic new Pokemon that you will be able to train over the course of the game.

Nintendo has revealed the two new Fossil Pokemon that you will encounter in Pokemon X & Y. As per tradition, players will be allowed to pick one of two fossils in the game that will allow them one of these new Pokemon that they can use to reign dinosaur justice on the lan…I mean, train and battle with to become the ultimate Pokemon Master.

The first of the two Pokemon is Tyrunt, who can be revived by choosing the Jaw Fossil. Tyrunt starts out as a wee baby T-Rex type Pokemon that soon becomes rather large and ferocious in his evolved form, Tyrantrum, a fierce Rock/Dragon type. Both Tyrunt and Tyrantrum will have the Strong Jaw special ability, which will give a powerful boost to any biting attacks (like Bite or Crunch).

If scary T-Rexes may not be your thing, Amaura is your next choice – a calm and elegant-looking apatosaur that is chosen through the Sail Fossil. Amaura then evolves into Aurorus, a powerful-looking Rock/Ice type, that both feature the Refrigerate special ability, which will turn any Normal-type moves into chilling Ice attacks.

So, will you choose Tyrunt or Amaura? You’ll get to find out soon – but for now, you can check out the artwork for the new Fossil Pokemon and their awesome evolutions down below.

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Pokemon X & Y releases worldwide for 3DS on October 12, 2013.

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