Nintendo Says “Thanks But No Thanks” to Operation Rainfall

Nintendo Says “Thanks But No Thanks” to Operation Rainfall

A few days ago Nintendo of America promised updates on a potential localization of Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story, giving hope to the fans and supporters of Operation Rainfall. Such hope, unfortunately, proved false.

Today the update came, but turned the rainfall into a cold shower:

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We promised an update, so here it is. We never say “never,” but we can confirm that there are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time. Thanks so much for your passion, and for being such great fans!”

As a personal note, I’d say that there are some marketing executives, out there, that should go back to college. Maybe they’d have a chance to understand what products actually have potential, but even more than that they might learn that showering disappointed fans with thanks and praise while stabbing them in the back sounds dangerously like mockery.

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