Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto Is Still Concerned About Virtual Reality

Miyamoto-san notes that while VR is becoming a more viable form of gaming, it still has flaws that he remains wary of.

In years past, Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto has been hesitant to fully endorse VR. To him, it has felt like a barrier from the social, living room experience that he tries to establish in his games. In addition, he has felt that the costs to own VR have not been accessible for many consumers. Recently, he provided an update on that outlook.

In an interview with TIME, Miyamoto-san was asked if his feelings toward VR have changed. Although some of the problems he sees are being addressed, there are others that continue to be troublesome in his eyes.

“In terms of being together online in virtual reality, I think a lot of the problems have been solved or are starting to be solved. This is something that we’re looking into, too.”

Yet, there are elements of VR that remain to give Miyamoto-san pause. In his experience as a seasoned developer of many beloved franchises, he doesn’t feel that the technology is necessarily appropriate for all audiences. Additionally, he doesn’t know what length of game would constitute a complete VR experience.

“If a parent were to see their kid playing virtual reality, it would probably make them worry. Another issue and challenge that I think everybody faces is how to create an experience that’s both short enough while also fully fleshed out in virtual reality.”

Previously, Shigeru Miyamoto has indicated that Nintendo continues to research VR as a viable gameplay option, and he asserts that the company’s experimentation in the field is proof of that.

Recently, Shigeru Miyamoto also spoke about his philosophies regarding game development and what it takes to create a great game.

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