Nintendo Game Director Shigeru Miyamoto Shares Thoughts on Gameplay Videos

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto in a new Famitsu interview has shared his thoughts on content creators uploading gameplay videos,

Nintendo is known for being a bit strange when it comes to content creation, but in a new Famitsu interview (translated by Japanese Nintendo) with game director Shigeru Miyamoto, he shares his views on the content creation situation.

Content creation is a tricky beast. Especially when it comes to video game content. In my creator years, I was constantly worried that I’d get copyright strikes for just creating video game content. And then, in 2015, Nintendo got a bit weird and introduced the Nintendo Creator Program for YouTube which would split revenue between Nintendo and creators.

Thankfully, Nintendo have been more laid back since then, although there was an issue in 2017 where the company ruled out streaming of its video games. The rules were changed and it seems as if Nintendo is finally seeing the impact that content creation can have.

“I think it’s good that there’s a variety of ways to enjoy things. In the ROM era, we preferred to have [customers] play for a long time with materials created with very miniscule memory without publicising them. At that time, it would be problematic if the whole game content were to be revealed.” Miyamoto-san said. “But it is now an era where customers that bought [the games] publish videos broadly, and I think that may pique interest about those games to other people who watch it.”

He continues, “I think I would also watch walkthrough videos of [games] made by someone else. Honestly, I don’t want to watch my own [games], but if it’s made by someone else it should still be okay.”

I think Nintendo needs to just let content creation happen. I often use videos and streams to get a feel for how a game may be if I’m not entirely sure about it. I also use the video content to get a nose at options menus to see if there are subtitle options present alongside any other accessible features. But all in all, content can help drive more customers by showcasing how the game actually plays outside of stylistically edited trailers. Not only that, walkthroughs and video guides are absolute lifesavers.

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